My mission

Would you like a more professional looking brand? If so, my team and I are dedicated to understanding your company’s needs and designing a brand that captures your unique identity.

From commercials to short documentaries, or even music and wedding videos, anything you need to showcase your company's identity will be provided to satisfy your needs. Being a student, my prices are lower than professional freelancers, but I can deliver the same quality of work, if not better, at lower prices.

I have a lot of experience in the domain, having entered the art of filmmaking at the age of 10. I write scripts, shoot movies, edit them and even publish them online using professional gear.


If you are interested, you can establish contact by:

_sending me an email at:

_completing the form in the “Contact” section

_sending me a job proposal through Elance or Upwork.

We will then start working together to find out your personal/company’s needs and also set the availability, pricing, time organization and product delivery.


With the help of my team, we do everything in our possible to reach your requirements. Our secret is to focus on the story of your company, which is why we will ensure we have fully pinpointed your exact needs before designing any videos or other design assets you need to reflect the credibility of your company.

On top of producing any type of video product, I can also design websites or logos, as well do photography shoots!

Final Product

The final product will be delivered in full 1080p HD.

You will receive it through a file sharing website where you will be able to download it, as well a concrete copy on a memory stick and a DVD.

Note that I will store the projects on my hard drives, so if you ever lose your copies I can always export new ones to share with you.

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My rates are either:

_fixed from the beginning of the project, and can vary depending on the size of the project, duration of the video, transportations and other eventualities;

_hourly fees, which start at 25€/hour

Here is an example to help you evaluate my hourly fees:

_2-minute video (including the shooting of it) = 20 hours

_2-minute video (only editing and sharing) = 10 hours